Upload Instructions

Artwork Guidelines

Preferred Formats:
Illustrator, SVG, EPS, or PDF

Accepted Formats:
Photoshop, TIFF, JPG, or PNG

Unaccepted Formats:
Word, Publisher, Corel Draw

  • Please submit all pixel based images at a minimum of 300 dpi at the size it will print on the shirt. Learn More

  • Convert all fonts to paths, outlines or raster before submitting. Learn More

  • Include or embed placed images. Learn More

  • Limit the use of gradients. Learn More

  • Include a JPEG preview of the artwork.

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Pixel Based (Rasterized)
File formats like PNG, TIFF, PSD, and JPG are all pixel based. This means that the image has a set resolution/dpi and if it is enlarged, the quality of the image will degrade.
  Vector Based
File formats such as AI and EPS are vector based formats. This means that the file uses mathematical equations to produce the curves and lines that make up the image. Vector art can be scaled to any size without restrictions.
Pixel Example   Vector Example  
Note: Enlarging images or increasing dpi with Photoshop will not increase the resolution of the image. Images should be created at a minimum of 300 dpi at the size it will print on the shirt.   Note: Placing a pixel file into a vector program such as Illustrator will not convert the image to a vector file. Also, saving a file in Photoshop as an EPS will not make it a vector file.  

Path, Outline, or Rasterize All Fonts
When submitting artwork is is best to convert the text to an uneditable format to ensure accurate printing and limit font issues.

Here are instructions for the most popular design programs:

  • Illustrator: Type > Create Outlines

  • Freehand: Text > Convert to Paths

  • Photoshop: Right Click on Text Layer > Rasterize Type
  Editable Type

Pathed Type

Include or Embed All Placed Images
Placed images are files that are used in a layout which exist outside the document. Please include these files when uploading the files, unless they are embedded into the document.

Here are instructions to embed files for the most popular programs:

  • Illustrator: Select the Placed Image > Click the Embed button in the Application Bar

  • Freehand: Select the Placed Image > Click the Links button in the Object Pane> Click the Embed button
Limit the Use of Gradients
Color gradients, or blends of color, can be screen printed, however it can be a labor intensive process. To avoid additional charges it is best to remove gradients when possible.
Gradient   Screen Printed Gradient  




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