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Church Art Works | Group Imaging | Varsity Mascot Co.

Church Art Works designs and prints Christian custom t-shirts and apparel for youth groups, student ministries, church groups, camps, mission trips, and ministry organizations since 1982 (low prices, minimums as low as 12, and easy online ordering).

Church Art Works also designs and sells customized garment tees, clip art, and fonts for youth groups. We have been blessed to work with many ministries over the years and would love to serve you the next time you need quality custom tees, custom t-shirts, garments or promotional products!

Quality Custom T-Shirts, Garments, and Apparel for Ministry Groups, Camps and Mission Trips.

Template Designs -
- One Color Custom T-Shirts (Minimum Order 12)
- Multi-Color Custom Tees (Minimum Order 24)
- Customized Designs for Church Youth Groups. Youth Ministry and Student Ministry t-shirts and garments.

Upload Your Own Art -
- Already have a shirt design? Upload YOUR OWN image and we will print it on apparel. You can expect the same quality and customer service that CAW is known for.
- Youth Group t-shirt designs for student ministries and Christian designs for Youth Group apparel and garments.

Custom Design
- Original Artwork and Portfolio of Designs and Logos we've done for other major ministries like Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Interlinc YLO, Upward Basketball, Young Life, and others.

Varsity Mascot Company - Premium collegiate quality school and sports graphics.

Expand Your Design On...
Banners - Church Art Works Designs and Art - Group Imaging Quality.

Promotional Products - New ways to promote Youth Group, Camp, Mission, or Service Project.

Embroidery - A First-class look with embroidered artwork.

Computer Files - You'll already have cool apparel your group will actually wear...why not use the design in other ways?

Additional Apparel Options - View more details about our standard and most popular garments: Short Sleeve Tees; Ladies' Tees; Girls' Fitted T-Shirts; Guys' Fitted T-Shirts; Long Sleeve Tees; Crew and Hooded Sweatshirts. Plus, links to our two (2) exhaustive Additional Apparel Option Catalogs.

Logo Identities and Branding for Youth Ministry, Camps, Church Ministry's and Groups
Custom Logos - Original Logos for Ministry and Business | Portfolio.

Letterform Logos - Great for Youth Group Identities and a fantastic resource for Youth Group name ideas.

Semi-Custom Church Logos
- Professional, Inexpensive Church Logos and Ministry Logos.

Store Merch for Camps and Ministries - Camp image upgrade anyone? It's your IDENTITY and your BRAND. It's extremely important that it make the right statement about your organization. So when your camp, ministry or retreat center is ready to get serious about its identity and apparel call the experts at Church Art Works.

Christian Art and Media Resources
Free Stuff - All NEW Freebieville where everything is free! If you have signed up before, feel free to sign up again to get even more free stuff and add some more arrows to your quiver of ministry resources.

Featured Partners in Ministry
Interlinc YLO | Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) | YWAM Youth With A Mission - Homes of Hope
Stuck in the Middle | YWAM Mission Adventures | LiveWorship

Featured Articles for Youth Groups and Youth Ministries
Ministry Branding - Your new best friend. 5 reasons why ministry branding is crucial in a changing world.

20 Hot Tips - For ordering group t-shirts and apparel. How to keep your youth group tees from becoming car wash rags.

Church Art Works | One Way Out
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Last Updated: 9/14/2018

HUGE EXCITING NEWS - Church Art Works and Group Imaging are joining forces! Click Here to see the Full Press Release.

1982-2018 - 36 Years Strong - Our Commitment Stands Firm

Art styles, fashions, colors, customer needs, and personnel all change. Our commitment hasn't. In 1982 Church Art Works was launched with the maxim, Presenting Christ Through Quality.

Today that motto still drives us in all we do. We're wasting our time if the service and product we provide doesn't reflect well on our King Jesus. T-shirts with custom ink unite groups and people in so many ways. We want ministries to have the highest quality design, t-shirts, and apparel for groups. We always want everyone to think about how they can brand their youth group ministry. We don't just want to make cool custom ink shirts that your kids will actually wear to school or nor be ashamed to wear. We want to help you build up your ministry. It's also a great way to get a quality professional youth group logo. Since, you'll already have t-shirt the kids will wear...many people go ahead and buy the computer files (where our team actually goes in and will recreate another design with colors that will work on paper) it's not just a Save As. No, we will get your ministry something that you can use on letterhead, contact cards, calendars, ministry websites. Got a guy who has a banner printing business in your church? Take that computer file and have it printed up big on your youth group room. The kids will be wearing the youth group shirts at church and school...when it's cool enough, parents will wear them, too. Then they see it big up on the youth ministry wall. It's all the type of branding we try to get everyone to think about as we want to help you reach as many for Christ and your students and youth group ministry.

We humbly thank God and you, our loyal customers, for allowing us to continue to be a even a small part of the ministry that the Lord has given you!

About Us: The Church Art Works / One Way Out story

One Color Templates Updated 3/1/2018
Customized Designs with a one color design printed on one side.

These are an exceptional value on Youth Ministry custom ink shirts and customized clothing for camp tees, retreats, mission trips, mission projects, DiscipleNow events, or to promote your youth ministry. We concentrate on t-shirts and apparel for groups that you students and teen will actually wear to school and not be embarrassed to wear to school. Christian shirts you can use and evangelize with, without saying a word. Also, be sure to check out all the beefed-up categories. The Women's Ministry category, now named Girls and Women has been upgraded to include a wide variety of fun girly designs. Also youth designs in Kid's and Children's Ministry, Dynamic Type, Olympic Images, and Random and Quirky have also been expanded to include an even broader spectrum of choices.

Here's just an appetizer. Click on a design to see many more Christian youth ministry t-shirts designs, try custom ink shirts for your group.

Fishface - Light
Renewal - Dark
Contagious Truth

Prices range from $3.77 - $12.48

  • All-inclusive Pricing - We believe in keeping our prices simple. When using our Templates or Creeds, you only pay for the garments and your choice of shipping. Our prices include:

  • Minimums Orders as low as 12 garments of the same design.
  • FREE Artwork
  • FREE Film
  • FREE Press Set-up
  • FREE Screens
  • FREE Customization
  • FREE Personalization
  • 100% Cotton T-Shirts
  • Mix and Match different styles of t-shirts, fashion t-shirts, guy's fitted tees, girl's fitted tees, ladies' tees, lightweight ringspun t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and other apparel options all in the same order, too.

Multi Color Templates Updated 3/1/2018
Customized Designs with a multi color design printed on one or two sides.

Great Christian t-shirts for a youth ministry resource for camps, retreats, mission trips, and mission projects. Christian t-shirts logos that you could use as your youth group logo. Check out the new Letterform Logos, Olympic Images, Power Phrases and Themes, Kid's and Children's Ministry, and Special Events categories, plus even more new spring and winter designs. Again, high quality custom ink t-shirts and apparel for groups and professional design are our goals for your youth ministry.

Click a design to see more custom Christian t-shirts for your student ministries group clothing.

Own Your Faith
Awesome God
Mad Plaid
City Core
Cali Dreamin

Prices that range from $4.66 - $11.85

  • All-inclusive Pricing - We believe in keeping our prices simple. When using our Templates or Creeds, you only pay for the garments and your choice of shipping. Our prices include:

  • Minimums Orders as low as 24 garments of the same design.
  • FREE Artwork
  • FREE Film
  • FREE Press Set-up
  • FREE Screens
  • FREE Customization
  • FREE Personalization
  • 100% Cotton T-Shirts
  • Mix and Match different styles of t-shirts, fashion t-shirts, guy's fitted tees, girl's fitted tees, ladies' tees, lightweight ringspun t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and other apparel options all in the same order, too.

ALL NEW! Freebieville has been RELOADEDED! Updated 2/28/2018
Past visitors and newcomers will all benefit from a visit to the newly restocked Freebieville site. Just like always, one of the great things about Freebieville is that EVERYTHING IS FREE!!! Try'em out on youth ministry calendars, birthday and contact cards, youth group flyers, and student ministry event sign up sheets.

  • FREE 4 Fabulous Fonts!
  • FREE One Way Out / OWO Fonts by Church Art Works!

Custom Church and Youth Group Logos - Custom Christian Designs and Logos Updated 2/28/2018
Our Custom Christian Designs program is for those of you who want to take your church group, youth ministry group, or event identities to the highest level. Christian t-shirts for church groups, youth groups, and student ministries with a more specific criteria or taste. 'Presenting Christ Through Quality' is what we strive to do everyday at Church Art Works (CAW) and we'd like to help your ministry do the same.

We've been blessed to license many of our stock Christian designs to many Christian wholesale t-shirt companies, like Living Epistles, Kerusso Activewear Clothing, and Solid Light. But you don't have to be a huge ministry like Upward Basketball, Saddleback, or Lifeway Christian Resources to work with us. Upward Basketball and Saddleback Middle School ministries were just getting started when we first started working with them (it's fun to watch what the Lord can do over a few short years). So whether you have a specific concept or just a rough idea, we will work with you to create a new and unique Christian logo design to help your ministry make a great impression.

Click on any of the samples below to learn more about Custom Christian Designs and Logos.

FCA Fellowship of Christian Athletes
ATF Acquire The Fire

FCA Fellowship of Christian Athletes Corporate Logo

Upward Unlimited Logo

The Church Art Works / One Way Out Story:

In 1982 the two original owners, Dave Adamson and Steve Hunt, merged their two graphic design companies in an effort to focus on serving churches and ministries by using their God-given talents in graphic design and illustration. Church Art Works was born. The first project launched and marketed was a clip art subscription, originally titled 'Church Clipper'. Seven years later the artwork was compiled into books like Youth Ministry Clip Art, Church Clip Art 1 and 2 (Zondervan), and ArtSource Volumes 1-7 (Youth Specialties and Zondervan).

As technology progressed, books gave way to electronic clip art collections like Youth Ministry Disk-Art (Group) and ArtSource (Youth Specialties and Zondervan) on floppies and later CD Volumes 1 and 2. Simultaneously, Church Art Works released other ministry tools like the Youth Worker's Calendar Kit and 'Youth Workers Promo Kit 1 and 2'.

From those humble beginnings we've had the blessing to serve many ministries. Here's just a few we've been honored to work side by side with: Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Interlinc (YLO), Youth for Christ (YFC), Youth Specialties (YS), Youth With A Mission (YWAM), Christian Supply, Saddleback Community Church, Newsboys, Kerusso, Upward Unlimited (Upward Basketball), Center for Student Missions, Salvation Army, Teen Mania (Acquire the Fire ATF), and Woodlawn Baptist Church.

Well into our third decade, today Church Art Works creates, designs, packages, distributes, and self publishes our own high quality fonts, clip art, presentation and motion/video backgrounds under the One Way Out brand name.

When you walk in the front door of our office, there's a plaque that reads 'Presenting Christ Through Quality'. That really sums up what we're about. Every Christian t-shirt, garment, youth group logo, font, clip art image, presentation background and motion background that comes from Church Art Works / One Way Out needs to be the VERY BEST because it's not only CAW's reputation at stake, it's the Lord's reputation! Everyone here at Church Art Works realizes that it's the pastors, youth pastors, and student ministry workers who are out there blazing away on the front lines, and it's OUR job to equip you with the best weapons possible for communicating and 'marketing' your ministry. If we can help make your youth camp, mission trip, or church retreat a success, then we've accomplished one of our goals. Now you don't have to be an expert in graphics, clip art, video, presentation, t-shirts and logos. YOU'VE GOT US!

Thanks for all you do. Keep fighting the good fight!

Your partners in the Kingdom,

The Church Art Works / One Way Out Team